O’Sensei McColl currently teaches Goju Ryu at McMaster University. Prior to taking over the McMaster dojo in 1984, O’Sensei McColl had studied and taught karate for more than a decade. His Karate journey began at the age of 24 at the Delta club in Hamilton, run by O’Sensei Don Warrener. Now almost three decades later, he has studied and become proficient in not only Goju Ryu but also Kobudo (weaponry), and Jujitsu.

His travels have taken him to Thailand to study Muay Thai Kickboxing, to Japan to train at the Budo Kan with Goshi Yamaguchi and to Argentina to demonstrate at the World Karate Championships. As well, O’Sensei McColl has partaken in traditional martial arts cultural events while abroad.

The McMaster dojo is a great source of pride to O’Sensei McColl. He cites his foremost accomplishment as developing 50 quality black belts in 22 years.